Download source file

Download the GeoPdes . Check if it contains the latest version of nurbs toolbox. If not, download it from the official website.

The nurbs toolbox can directly run with m scripts, but the scripts could be too slow for heavy access to some functions. For acceleration purposes, it also contains compilable C source code for GNU Octave. To create MATLAB executable files, we can use C source codes provided in GeoPdes for mex compile.

Unzip the source file

$ tar xvf GeoPDEs_full.tar.gz
$ tar xvf nurbs-1.3.13.tar.gz

Go to GeoPDE folder and unzip the mex files:

$ tar xvf nurbs_mex_files.tar.gz

Compile the mex files

Before compiling, make sure mex works correctly in MATLAB.

Go to nurbs_mex_files folder, and compile the mex files with

>> compile

On Windows, mexmat.h may need to modify by adding a line

#include <uchar.h>


#include "mex.h"

to avoid typedef errors.

Set the paths

You need to add the path of the nurbs toolbox to pathdef in MATLAB, so that MATLAB can find the functions.

You may copy the compiled mex executables to the nurbs toolbox folder or add the path to pathdef.